An in-ground automatic sprinkler system will provide you with the most efficient and effective watering program for your lawn and garden. A properly designed and installed system will handle all of your water evenly during their cycle, then drop neatly back into the soil.  The controller is programmed to take advantage of optimum watering times as well as to follow local by-laws. This leaves you worry-free for evening sports or a vacation knowing there is interruption in your watering. Complete the job with our standard rain sensor to detect precipitation between cycles and eliminate waste watering. Systems are easily plowed into existing lawns leaving only a cut line for fast recovery of your investment. Pair this with the comfort of precise watering without hassle and you’ll wonder how you ever did without!


At Platinum Irrigation, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Each landscape is as unique as the individual customer. That is why each design must be created to suit individual needs. When work is completed, a walk through is the best way to understand a new irrigation system. Every detail from head adjustment to programming is demonstrated and questions are always welcome.